Thursday, July 17, 2014

Go Outside

On Tuesday Josh and I decided to go out into a field and shoot some beautiful nature. We take so much of our time making videos for other people, that it was really nice just to do something for us. I am kind of what you would call a sun flair fanatic. there is quite literally one in every shot of this highlight video. Anyways all I really want to say is do something for yourself this week. I think we all get caught up in our work whether it is doing something we love or not. I really love shooting wedding videography, I like to think I am good at it. But we all get worn out if we don't give ourselves a break every once in a while. The song I edited to is called Go Outside, which is by the band NO. My brother Reese Richardson is their guitarist. You should all check them out if you have not heard them yet! 

So here it is. My sun flair video to Go Outside. Make sure to watch it full screen! 


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